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Don't Nobody Know (But God)

FF7 || PG-13: complete AU || hinted Cloud/Zack, Sephiroth || 736 words
But none of ‘em see the angel by the door ‘cept the man that saw ‘imself reflected in a corpse’s eyes, an’ if that corpse were once the person Strife loved most in all this ugly world, well, ain’t no-one gonna say life’s anywhere near kind.
  • for the prompt "music" from 100_situations
The bar’s dim, worn smooth as ol’ leather an’ tired souls, hot as the Devil’s breath. )
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This Isn't Going to Wash Out
FF7 || NC-17: anthro!tentacle!sex, omgwut || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 3,650 words
Cloud can't decide if this the hottest or weirdest thing they've ever done.
  • gift-fic for [personal profile] tir_synni .
  • slight fusion with SPN, or a real-life AU with some fantasy elements.  Set in the same verse as my Aeris/Tifa thing.
  • some of the tentacle concepts borrowed from the awesome chibirisuchan on LJ.

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How Aeris knew Cloud's dress size and that he could wear heels.
FF7 || PG || Zack, Aeris, Cloud, Sephiroth (gen or OT4 subtext) || ~70 words
  • Mock-up of the postcard I sent croix_souillees for last Christmas.  <3


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god put a song on my palm
FF7 || PG-13 - some sexuality || Tifa/Aeris || 1,850 words
Prompt: Tifa/Aeris, work-worn hands.
  • for [community profile] yuri_challenge 
  • slight fusion with SPN, but you don't really need to know it to read this
  • the "Jesse" here is from the beginning of FF7

Tifa leaned against the porch railing and watched the long afternoon shadows streaking the lawn blue and purple between shafts of sunlight. )
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Breathe In
FF7 || R - sexuality, drug-use || Zack/Cloud, hinted Zack/Cloud/Aeris || 1,400 words || pre-Nibelheim
Shotgunning and a lazy evening sky.
  • Prompt #49: Stoned, from my 100_situations table

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