Mar. 21st, 2011

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Events and some dialogue from S1 and the end of S3, reference to S6.

SPN || PG-13 || Sam, Dean, gen || ~780 words
"Choose," Death says to Sam.

Sam looks up. )

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Set sometime after 5x14, "My Bloody Valentine."

the aftermath (it will be black)
SPN || PG-13 - language || gen (Sam, Dean) || 972 words
There's no such thing as the right words to say.

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Breathe In
FF7 || R - sexuality, drug-use || Zack/Cloud, hinted Zack/Cloud/Aeris || 1,400 words || pre-Nibelheim
Shotgunning and a lazy evening sky.
  • Prompt #49: Stoned, from my 100_situations table

Read more... )
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Everything a Ninja Knows, He Learned from Dean Winchester
SPN || PG-13 - language || gen, unless you read into it || 1,200 words || mockery of Starbucks hipsters some stereotypes
Operation: Geek Liberation is a go.

His mind was working fast, calculating angles and escape routes, a well-fucking-oiled machine. )
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Long Distance
SPN || PG-13 - language, angst || Sam, Dean || 1,100 words || fix-it fic
In which Dean finds out that the Apocalypse began with a single voicemail.
  • coda to 4x22, general spoilers through S6

Dean is reintroducing himself to Jack because he doesn't want to know what Robo-Sam is doing. )
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they said it was the fall of man

SPN || R - sexuality, madness and weirdness || Sam/Dean || 7,900 words || general S6 spoilers
Sam gets his soul back on a Monday.
  • Dedicated to etrix because she gave me a Christmas shiny.  \o/
He doesn't stop screaming until the following Sunday, and the irony isn't lost on Dean. )
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In principio erat verbum
SPN || R - sexuality, theology, some disturbing imagery || Sam/Dean, past Sam/Jess || 3,200 words
There's power in words, and they define the world. Dean's defined Sam, until they didn't.
  • spoilers for all seasons

Motion blurs of a time when being a Winchester meant a small Kansas house with a mommy and daddy and two little boys. )


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